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Invite Alison Baxter to lighten up your home with a professional clutter-clearing session and see how different it feels!

It’s easy to get weighed down by your belongings, so why not freshen up your living space by disposing of things you no longer need and reap the added benefits of better health and wellbeing!

If you are struggling to display your art to its best effect, Alison Baxter Interiors can help.

From expert picture-hanging to considered presentation of artefacts and accessories, Alison Baxter will employ a keen and sympathetic eye to to position your possessions and  pictures to perfection.

From simple adjustments to sweeping changes, Alison Baxter Interiors can transform any room in your house into a wonderful, fresh new space.

Incorporating practical design solutions tailor-made for your home, Alison Baxter will effect amazing transformations that re-define tired rooms, without going overboard on budget.  


Alison Baxter Interiors offers many other helpful services to help you improve your home.  From clutter-clearing to complete room or home makeovers, to assistance with ornament arrangements and art.  Regardless of whether you require bespoke sofas, chairs and cabinets or more budget-friendly High Street options, Alison is happy to source individual pieces, always with your needs in mind.  

The whole process has been a pleasure…. something I never thought I’’d hear myself say. “
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